Luby’s rep says Tyler renovation could take months

“As I said before, we still want to be in Tyler,” representative for company says
Luby's Roseland (Source: KLTV)
Luby's Roseland (Source: KLTV)
Updated: Feb. 28, 2019 at 5:21 PM CST
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A representative for Luby’s spoke with KLTV on Wednesday, confirming that the Roseland location in Tyler is temporarily closed for reconstruction and renovation, but employees today say that they have been told otherwise by local management, prompting us to contact corporate representatives again.

Luby’s corporate spokesperson Bill Gordon told KLTV on Wednesday the Roseland location, so called because of the street it is located on, has been in business there for 55 years. Gordon said then that the restaurant is closing for repairs and renovations, but that they definitely plan to reopen the location.

However, after seeing our story on Wednesday, some employees of the restaurant said that they were told by local management that they were not going to reopen and they no longer had jobs there.

Is Luby's going to be reopening? (Source: KLTV/Jeff Chavez)
Is Luby's going to be reopening? (Source: KLTV/Jeff Chavez)

One woman said, “some of us employees have been informed that we are not reopening! I am an employee of the Tyler store ... I will miss my family and customers there ...”

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To verify that, on Thursday afternoon we spoke with spokesperson Bill Gordon again, and he said in response to the employees’ statements, “as I said before, we still want to be in Tyler. We are going to renovate the location, but we have not started taking bids or looking at designs yet. It could take one month, but it could take many months."

When asked if that extended time frame for reopening is likely why the employees were let go locally, he said, “probably so.”

A new sign appeared by Thursday (Source: KLTV/Brionna Rivers)
A new sign appeared by Thursday (Source: KLTV/Brionna Rivers)

If those plans for reconstruction come through, Tyler residents will be happy to have a freshly updated Luby’s in that location, based on the sadness expressed in comments posted to the KLTV 7 Facebook page.

One woman said, “Luby’s has been part of our family ‘Sunday-after-church’ tradition for three generations. When we ask our grandson where he wants to go eat, he chooses Luby’s ... a huge part of our heart is now missing."

Another woman had a similar comment:

“Lots of memories eating with my grandma and my precious daddy; both are no longer here.”

"One of our last, true old school (places), worthy of being deemed a historical institution.”

And one person said it was sad not only for sentimental reasons, but also because she’d miss that pie:

"Sad for sentimental reasons. Luby’s was my grandmother’s favorite. We went together from the 60’s until 2000 (she passed in 2001). That being said, “me & pie go way back!!”

As plans go forward for the location’s renovation or other changes, we will be sure to let the restaurant’s fans know. Stay with KLTV, and East Texas Kitchen for updates.

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