Family reacts to the release of East Texan held hostage in Yemen

Danny Burch was abducted in 2017

Family reacts to the release of East Texan held hostage in Yemen

EAST TEXAS, (KLTV) - A former East Texan who was captured in Yemen in 2017 has been released.

Despite civil conflict, Danny Burch moved to Yemen in 2003 and had been working in the oil industry before he was taken prisoner.

Renee Meaux learned her cousin had been released 18 months after he was taken hostage from a tweet by the president.

“A lot of us didn’t even know until we saw it on the twitter feed,” says Meaux. “We’re blessed that he’s back and we’ve been praying for him, so it’s just answered prayers.”

Burch is a graduate of White Oak High School and Kilgore college,

Meaux said she lost touch with Burch when he left the country and was shocked to learn he was taken prisoner.

“You think that happens to people,” says Meaux. “But not people that you know.”

Now, Meaux says although she’s not sure if Burch is coming back, she’s hoping his release will re-open the line of communication between them.

“I’m not sure what happened and what all he went through,” says Meaux. “I would love to catch up and talk to him.”

No group claimed responsibility for Burch’s abduction, but Houthi rebels control the Yemeni Capital.

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