City council sets dates for Tyler First Comprehensive Plan open house meetings

(Courtesy: City of Tyler)
Updated: Feb. 27, 2019 at 5:15 PM CST
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Residents and business can give input for city improvements.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tyler City Council has set three topic-specific open house dates in which city residents can join the council for open house meetings concerning the city’s Tyler First Comprehensive Plan.

The Tyler First Comprehensive Plan is a document that sets out the vision, principles, and priorities for the City of Tyler for the next 20 years. It first adopted back in 2007 after more than a year of feedback from businesses and residents about how to better improve the city.

“When the plan was adopted in 2007, it called for every 5 years that we re-evaluate changing conditions to see if there’s anything that needs to be discussed, brought up again, or potentially added to the plan," said Kyle Kingma, planning manager. “It’s pretty much the framework for how the city operates over a timespan.”

The city council reviews and amends the comprehensive plan ever five years for 15 months at a time. The plan has 13 chapters, ranging from historic preservation to education, and the public will have the opportunity to offer feedback during three open house meetings scheduled later in 2019.

“We just want to see where we’ve come since 2007, where we’re still willing to go, and whatever feedback the public wants to offer," Kingma explained. "We’ll take that and we’ll have a number of other meetings to see if that’s something, if any changes will make it into the plan, and then five years after that we’ll take another look.”

During Wednesday’s city council meeting, three topic-specific open house dates were set in May, June, and August.

(Courtesy: City of Tyler)

The first open house set for May 7 at the Tyler Rose Garden Center will discuss maintaining a healthy community and natural environment:

  • Parks, open space, recreation, and lakes
  • Future land use and annexation
  • Historic preservation

The second open house set for June 25 will discuss maintaining a livable, built environment and interwoven equity:

  • North End revitalization
  • Housing, neighborhoods, and community identity
  • Public facilities and services
  • Transportation

The third open house set for August 27 will discuss the city’s “resilient economy” and regionalism:

  • Business and economy
  • Downtown master plan
  • Education

At the end of the 15-month examination period, Kingma said the results would be presented to the city council with any possible changes for final consideration.

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