Fantastic Four: East Texas cousins carry on family’s basketball tradition

4 East Texas Cousins Share Playoffs

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - In East Texas, the Norrell family is loaded with basketball players.

Four cousins, Olivia Norrell, Ashtyn Norrell, Tabby Parker and Kenley Nixon have taken on the family tradition.

All four of them played for teams that made it to the playoffs. The sisters, Olivia and Ashtyn played for Canton, Tabby played for Edgewood and Kenley plays for Martin’s Mill.

“Our family played, our aunts, our parents. We’ve always been brought up in that atmosphere and we love the game and we loved playing together," Olivia said.

When the cousins get together, they talk hoops. But not in a bragging kind of way.

“We really just talk about the experiences we have and the game," Olivia said. “Just how it was played, just the feeling. We all know that feeling, we all have that adrenaline rush that we get in the game. We all get really hyped."

They all learned the game as soon as they could walk. Basketball is in the family’s DNA, and so is being competitive.

“I think that helps push us to be how we are today,” Olivia said. "We are pretty competitive. "

As long as they can dribble, the fantastic four will carry on their hoops tradition.

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