Knife-maker creates Texas rattlesnake blade

Knife-maker creates Texas rattlesnake blade

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man has created what he hopes will become a ‘signature piece of steel’, that will become synonymous with Texas.

Craftsman Tom Hearell makes unique one of a kind knives that he regularly sells at Longview's 'Trade Days'.

"Lot of people come by and they'll ooh and aah over them, but I don't see all that they see. I try to make it as though I were going to wear it," he says.

The marine corps veteran has designed something uniquely 'Texas". The rattlesnake knife.

“Yeah, I call it the rattlesnake. It’s a unique piece I think,” Tom says.

It started with a cottonmouth skin he was given, and that gave him an idea.

"It turned out so well I said I kind of like doing snakeskin's," Hearell says.

Made from a Ferrier's rasp, which he says is the best steel to hold a perfect edge, a real rattlesnake skin is used for the sheath.

“Something like this you can wear it because it’s rugged. There’s no two of them exactly the same,” says Tom.

Hearell hopes his blade becomes synonymous with Texas.

"It would be neat if somewhere down the line 40 years or so, somebody says I have an original penny rattlesnake knife made by old Tom Hearell," he says.

Hearell's blades are on display at 'the Longview fairgrounds Trade Days' the second weekend of every month.

His Texas rattlesnake blade goes for 250-dollars each.

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