Warrant: Murder suspect claimed voices in head told him to kill girlfriend

(Henderson County Jail)
Published: Feb. 21, 2019 at 10:42 PM CST
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HENDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A Larue man has confessed to killing a woman reported missing on Tuesday, according to the Henderson County sheriff.

Charlie Cervantes, 25, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Tabatha Cashion, 34, of Emory.

Newly obtained documents state Cervantes claimed to have voices in his head and one witness stated Cervantes created a post on social media stating the voices told him to “cut up Tabatha and the kids.”

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Sheriff Botie Hillhouse said Cashion was found dead in Cervantes’ home around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Investigators found the body after serving a search warrant at the home located in the 10000 block of FM 804. Hillhouse said they then talked to Cervantes and he confessed to shooting Cashion.

Tabatha Cashion went missing in LaRue on Feb. 9 (Source: Henderson County Sheriff's Office)
Tabatha Cashion went missing in LaRue on Feb. 9 (Source: Henderson County Sheriff's Office)

Cashion had left her mother’s house in Emory on Feb. 9 after dropping off three of her children.

Her estranged husband told KLTV that on Sunday, February 10, Cashion dropped off their 10-year-old son at his home, and she called the boy the next day, as he says she did every day. He says they were in the process of sorting out custody of their children.

She was reportedly in the process of moving in with her boyfriend in LaRue and had dropped off her other children with her mom. The sheriff’s office says Cashion had promised her mother that she would return the following day. Her husband says they were expecting to see her again later in the week.

Cashion never returned and, after failing to reach her, her mother contacted the sheriff’s office.

At about 12:30 a.m. Feb. 20, a Henderson County deputy went to a house located in the 10000 block of FM 804 and interviewed Cashion’s boyfriend. Cashion’s boyfriend told the deputy she had left three days ago after the two got into an argument. He reported she had called someone to pick her up and he didn’t know who picked her up.

According to the search warrant probable cause narrative, Cashion’s mother said she had been in contact with Cashion and her children on a daily basis and they last spoke on Feb. 15. She said that from Feb. 16 to when she reported her missing on Feb. 19, she had made multiple attempts to reach Cashion but the phone went directly to voicemail. The mother said she went to the ranch where Cashion had moved to and employee there said they had seen Cashion walking. But the mother said Cashion had broken her leg three months ago and could not have walked away from the home.

When the investigator spoke with Cervantes, the affidavit states Cervantes would not allow the investigator inside the home and he stood on the inside of the home and spoke with the investigator with the door open about 12 inches.

The investigator then spoke to the father of one of her children, who said Cervantes had made a post on Facebook stating “the voices in his head are telling him to cut up Tabatha and the kids.” The investigator then spoke to Cervantes’ parents and his mother said he does claim to hear voices.

Hillhouse said Cashion’s body has been sent off for an autopsy.

“We’ll hopefully get the preliminary report back today,” Hillhouse said.

Cashion’s estranged husband told KLTV that he and her mother are working together to help the children through the loss of their mother.

Hillhouse said the Rains County Sheriff’s Office provided key information in the investigation. Texas Rangers, and the Henderson County District Attorney’s Office also assisted in the investigation.

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