You’ve got to thread the needle to see the blooms at Mrs. Lee’s Daffodil Garden

Mrs.Lee's illusive daffodils are poised for public view

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - The daffodils wait for no man... or woman for that matter. It seems when the weather is confusing, that’s when they come out.

Mrs. Lee’s Daffodil Garden is bursting yellow right now, and if you’ve never heard of it you’ll want to read this, and if you have heard of it... well you still should read this.

KLTV takes a look at the short, stormy season of Mrs. Lee’s Daffodils about six miles south of Gladewater off U.S. Highway 271.

Mrs. Lee’s Daffodil Garden Caretaker Dennis Phelps says that since last year things have happened.

“A lot. A lot of rain. A lot of wind, and a lot of hogs,” Phelps said.

“Now are the hogs getting in the flowers?” I asked him.

“Nope. The hogs don’t like the flowers they’re poisonous to them. And the deer don’t like them. But something likes them because something spreads them around,” Phelps replied.

And over the last year the wind spread trees around.

“Twenty-two trees got blown down in a straight wind. Stumps are like 10-12 feet above the ground lying sideways,” Phelps said.

They left the stumps for fear of tearing things up.

“We’d have to redo all the bulbs and that’s not what I want to do,” Phelps laughed.

A fire encroached on the flowers, but the flowers didn’t burn and still yellow comes out.

“Some time in February, and it’s going to be a week before or a week after the fourteenth it seems like,” Phelps stated.

And some are prepared for the visit.

Karthik Maldalnath Durai and his wife Vidya came running from Austin when they heard about the bloom.

“I’ve been planning for a very long time, and luckily today the weather was good so we were able to make it here,” Vidya said.

They’ve been trying to make it for three years. Karen and David Hiett came in from Winona.

“We just took the opportunity to come down, and it’s well worth the drive,” David said.

Generally if the roads are wet the gates are locked since people get stuck when parking.

“One day open last year, and I hate to quit after three days. So I’m going to try. We’ll see,” Phelps added.

Visitors have learned when the bloom begins you drop everything to take time to smell the flowers.

They hope to be open Sunday or Monday, but if you miss the blooms we have a whole bunch of pictures in the Big Red Box on our homepage.

If you’d like to visit the garden you might want to make sure it’s open. There is a number you can call to find out on their website.

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