Daughter of Canton man hospitalized after saving puppies from fire: ‘We are still in prayers’

Daughter of Canton man hospitalized after saving puppies from fire: ‘We are still in prayers’
(Courtesy: The County Eagle, Facebook)

CANTON, TX (KLTV) - The daughter of a Canton man who was hospitalized after rushing back into his burning mobile home to save his pets has confirmed their family is “still in prayers” concerning the condition of her father.

Fire officials in Canton were called around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday to a home in the 200 block of Private Road 2085. By the time first responders arrived, they found Walter Hammond in respiratory arrest, according to his daughter Renea Davidson.

Hammond was asleep when the fire started, and his daughter said he was awoken by a crash in his kitchen.

“Once he walked down the hall to check on her is when he seen the kitchen engulfed with flames,” Davidson said in a Facebook message to KLTV. “So he ran out the door as fast as he could, barefooted. Once he realized what was happening, his heart took over and he ran back inside to get his puppies [and] momma dog (Rose).”

Chris Furr, the owner of the mobile home Hammond was renting, said the puppies were only a few days old. The puppies were safely rescued, however Hammond appeared to have been badly burned during the process.

“When paramedics arrived on the scene dad was in respiratory arrest due to smoke inhalation,” Davidson said. “So paramedics sedated and intubated him before the flight to the hospital."

When the medical team got him cleaned up, Davidson said they realized Hammond had “not one burn on his outer body," she said, but his lungs suffered extensive damage from the smoke and heat. Hammond also suffered several cuts and bruises to his feet and legs, and doctors told the family Hammond apparently went without oxygen for a period of time; it’s unclear whether Hammond suffered any brain damage.

“After a couple of hours of treatment the medical team saw it best to get him to Dallas for their expert staff to ensure the best care for his lungs,” Davidson explained in the message. “They wanted to flight him, but since the weather wasn’t good, they transported us by ground to Parkland Burn [Center].”

Hammond is currently recovering in the Parkland Burn Center. His daughter has said he has a “wonderful team” providing “constant care” for her father.

“Please keep him in your thoughts [and] prayers,” Davidson said. “Only time will tell.”

Hammond’s granddaughter has started a GoFundMe page to help recover some of the losses from the fire. If you’d like to help, you can find the donation page here.

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