District attorney on Longview homicides: 'this was a horrific crime’

Suspect charged with capital murder in deaths of two women

District attorney on Longview homicides: 'this was a horrific crime’

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The Gregg County District Attorney’s office has charged a man with capital murder in the deaths of two women.

Troy James Rider II has been charged with the deaths of Lori Susan Perez and Kristy Nicole Perez all of Longview.

911 was notified of a shooting in the 1700 block of Loring Lane around 12:30 am where police found the two victims deceased inside the residence.

KLTV spoke with a neighbor and were in court for the arraignment.

“The State of Texas vs Troy James Rider II. Are you Mr. Rider?” Asked 124th District Judge Alfonso Charles.

“Yes, sir,” Rider replied.

“Mr. Rider you stand charged with the offense of capital murder of multiple persons,” Charles stated.

Rider’s bond is set at $2 million. He was arrested at a Longview apartment complex after witnesses at the scene identified him.

Two Longview Police Crime Investigation Units were at the crime scene. The victims, Lori Susan Perez, 58, and Kristy Nicole Perez, 38, were found inside the house.

Neighbor Alysa Jackson said her daughter, who is in second grade, woke her up after midnight.

“She told me she heard two gunshots, and then she said she heard people outside talking so of course I came in to the room trying to see what was going on, and I could hear them outside talking. Didn’t know exactly what had happened, just knew that something serious had happened,” Jackson stated.

She also said the police had been there before.

“They had a couple instances where the cops had shown up,” Jackson said.

Jackson added one of the victims had children.

“She does have two kids. She has an older son and then a younger son,” Jackson revealed.

And, according to Gregg County District Attorney Tom Watson, minors were in the house at the time.

“Your honor this was a horrific crime. Two ladies lost their lives. They were executed in their own home, and to make matters worse, they were executed in front of minor children. We’re asking the bond be set at two million dollars,” Watson said at the arraignment.

After Rider’s bond was set he was taken to the Gregg County Jail.

Longview Police believe domestic violence could be a factor in the murders. The bodies will be sent for autopsies.

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