Hallsville church struggles with repairs year after devastating flood

Hallsville church struggles with repairs year after devastating flood

HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - Members of the New Testament Pentecostal Church in Hallsville are still cleaning up a year after raw sewage flooded their church.

The congregation has been meeting in a small back room for months.

“I was born into this church. My grandparents founded this church. It’s very dear,” said church member Betty McLeroy.

It was last February when they entered the sanctuary to find the whole church flooded with raw sewage.

“One of the ministers came through the back door and we were at the front door and he said oh you can’t come in," McLeroy recalled. "It hurt my heart to the core to see our beautiful church pews sitting in raw sewage. It was more than horrible.”

″I was heartbroken, and I thought oh my God what are we going to do? How we going to handle this, who’s going to handle it? How did this happen to us, why did this happen to us," said church member Tanya Call.

Church members said plumbers and city officials told them the flood was caused by a main line that became clogged. That line then backed up into the church from the bathrooms. The church’s organ was also damaged.

“Have faith in God. The bible says the just shall live by faith. We have to encourage them to have faith in God," said Pastor Precious C. Boyd.

The small congregation has few resources and has not been able to renovate since the flood.

“We had to tear out the walls, the floors and detox,” McLeroy said. “No help coming, no help at all coming.”

But they remain steadfast in their faith.

“It’s a struggle. It’s not going to stop us at all," she said.

It’s estimated the flood caused about $60,000 in damages to the church. Until they could use part of the building, the congregation was meeting at different homes.

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