Kilgore businessman promotes film production company

Kilgore businessman promotes film production company

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Oil and gas have long been the driving force behind the East Texas economy, but an East Texas businessman is trying to promote a new job industry. Films!

In the past decade, East Texas has become a frequent spot for film location shooting, but most of those involved in making films are not local.

Charlie Walker is a very familiar face around East Texas, known as Charlie snowball, a successful Kilgore businessman,

He’s now branching into independent films.

“A friend came to me a said we could do a movie, and I thought, well I’ve always thought about it. It was lots of fun. It was work too, but it was a fun work,” he says.

With the huge success of the Reel East Texas Film Festival, Walker joined in co-producing films.

Not just for fun, he sees the opportunity to create business and jobs.

"These film producers they're bringing all these people from out of state in. We have lots of local people here. Why can't east Texans do those jobs," Walker says.

Kelly Satterwhite appeared in Walkers movie and would love to see more film-making opportunities.

"That would be awesome, for y'all to bring something that would be local here give everybody a chance to give it a shot. Hey if I was getting paid I would definitely pursue it. I had a blast and I really hope they bring it here," she says.

Walkers objective is a production company, to employ actors, set designers and construction, sound and lights, make-up artists.

"I'd love to see some production crews around here. Painting, artwork, costume design. We have all those different people around here that would love the opportunity," Charlie says.

He hopes investors will join the effort to create a new industry.

And Walker is co-producing other future projects.

He will hold a casting call for 2 upcoming films on Monday at his Kilgore store from 11-am to 1-pm.

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