Virtual reality transforms an East Texas’ classroom experience

Virtual reality allows students to travel the planet

VR in Classroom

BULLARD (KLTV) - Technology is already a big part of our lives and for East Texas students, it’s now making its way into the classroom.

New technology is being used at Bullard Intermediate which is sending students all around the world without ever leaving the classroom.

Lori Kotzur, 6th Grade Social Studies teacher at Bullard Intermediate, tells KLTV, “I call myself the Ms. Frizzle of Social Studies because I want to take these kids to experience cultures around the world. This is the easiest way to do that.”

After receiving a grant Kotzur decided to implement virtual reality to allow her students opportunities they might not otherwise have.

“I know that there’s some students out there that can’t travel around the world. They can’t always go to these places, but if we can give them the next best thing,” explains Kotzur.

That’s where the virtual reality comes in. Students in Mrs. Kotzur’s class are getting to capture the cultures and religions of the countries in the middle east from the comfort of their classroom.

“They really are experiencing what life would be like in the Middle East. It’s very different than Bullard, Texas.”

For students like Rylee Morgan and Campbell Pawlak, it’s opened up an entirely new frontier in education.

“I like to be able to see and have action with It. So like when she was like explaining it I could understand what she was saying, but having the virtual reality to see what it look like helps a lot,” explains Morgan.

“It’s pretty cool cause you don’t have to get on a plane or anything and you don’t even have to move a muscle basically. You just get a phone and you put it in the glasses and then it’s right there in front of your face,” adds Pawlak.

Kotzur says virtual reality helps the kids related in a way a textbook just can’t.

“I’ll tell you when students experience history it becomes real and new to them and that stays,” explains Kotzur.

Teachers and staff are optimistic that the use of virtual reality will benefit students in the future.

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