TRANSCRIPT: Concerned acquaintance saves Houston tiger by placing anonymous call for help

Caller says the house he was left in ‘kind of looks like a crack house’

Abandoned tiger found in Houston home, finds sanctuary in East Texas

HOUSTON, TX (KLTV) - A tiger is now safe in East Texas after he was rescued earlier this week from a shabby abandoned home in Houston, where he had been left in a small cage. The rescue came about after a concerned citizen reached out for help.

The male tiger, nicknamed Tyson by rescue staff, was found abandoned in the empty Houston home Monday. He was transported Tuesday morning to the 1,400 acre Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison where he will receive veterinary care, food and any other needs.

A 311 call transcript shared with us by KTRK in Houston reveals how a tipster called for help when he or she came across the caged animal by chance inside the small, abandoned home.

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The transcript of the call is as follows:

311 OPERATOR: Thank you for calling Houston 311 help line this is (name). Can I help you?

CALLER: Hi, I was just wondering if I have, like, uh, somebody who I know who has a pet tiger in their house, and I was just wondering if I could, like, make an anonymous call for that, to get that tiger safe.

OPERATOR: What is the address?

CALLER: Um, the address is 9415 E. Avenue J, Houston, Texas, 77012.

OPERATOR: How do you even get a pet tiger?

CALLER: That’s what I’m saying because, I’m not lying about this, I swear. But...I was with one of my friends, and we met this guy who knows this guy and, like, and he was, like, “Oh, I need to go to my house to feed my tiger,” and he’s like, I guess, he sells (inaudible) cause he has money like that.

But, uh, he took us to the house. The house is, like, abandoned, like, he’s fixing it up right now, but he has the tiger in there. He has it in a cage. I don’t know how he moved it there. I don’t know how he even got it in there. But yeah, it is there and like the (inaudible), and it’s, like, in a small cage. It’s pretty big, though. It’s not even a baby tiger, like, it’s pretty big. But I was wondering, is this going to be, like, an anonymous call?

OPERATOR: Hold on just a moment.

(a few moments of silence)

OPERATOR: Ma’am, thank you for holding. We are going to take the report as anonymous. Our system is going to be anonymous. I’m not going to put your name on the report or anything like that. But I did speak to my manager and they would at least like to get a phone number on their side so they can contact you if they need to.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s fine.

OPERATOR: But I’m not going to put it on the report, so they can’t link it back to you.

CALLER: Oh, okay, thank you

(They exchange the caller’s phone number info, then proceed.)

CALLER: It has a gate, like, in front of it. And, um, I think there might be a few trucks out there. But no one is there for sure. No one lives in the house. It’s just run down.

OPERATOR: So if we go there, the house just looks like it’s vacant, right?

CALLER: Yeah. It’s like rundown. It kind of looks like a crack house, I would say, it kind of looks like that. But if it’s anything, maybe, the neighbors might have heard something because it makes noise. And he does have it in a little cage in a back room in the back of the house on the left side.

OPERATOR: Okay, I’ve gone ahead and made that report.

CALLER: Okay, thank you.

The tiger was removed from the house and on Tuesday was taken to safety at the 1,400 acre sanctuary ranch in East Texas.

311 is Houston’s non-emergency department directory.

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