Abandoned tiger found in Houston home, finds sanctuary in East Texas

Abandoned tiger found in Houston home, finds sanctuary in East Texas

MURCHISON, TX (KLTV) - Finally, sanctuary has been found for an abandoned tiger today. After a 1,000-pound tiger was found in an abandoned house in Houston on Monday, officials scrambled to find him a new home.

Houston investigators have nicknamed the tiger, Tyson.

Tyson was found in a locked cage, placed in a garage, for who knows how long. But now the beautiful wild animal has found sanctuary at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison.

“We don’t know that he’s ever been on grass, so when we released him yesterday into his quarantine enclosure, he was getting used to even feeling grass under his feet which is really sad when you consider that he is a wild animal,” Black Beauty Ranch director Noelle Almrud says.

According to veterinarian, Dr. Mikaela Vetter’s, Tyson looks about a year old.

“We will monitor him and while he gets adjusted here we will decide if a full hand on physical is necessary and if it is, we will do that at a later date once he has acclimated. I would just hate to sedate him after a big transport like that,” Dr. Vetters says.

Black Beauty is not officially Tysons new home; the ranch director says they have to wait until the investigation into Tysons origin is complete.

“We’re waiting on the courts to make that final decision, we’re able to provide him a home until then, but we’re hoping to have him stay here permanently,” Almrud says.

Houston police say, when they arrived at the abandoned home, they found several packages of meat. Someone was feeding the tiger, but no one has claimed Tyson so far.

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