$martpath program helps students, teachers with financial literacy learning

Kids' Financial Literacy Program Reaches East Texas

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A newly implemented program in Texas elementary schools is helping kids learn how to handle their money.

$martpath is a cartoon-based program designed to help kids learn financial literacy through completing tasks and simulations of situations they would experience in their everyday lives.

Susan Doty, the director of the center for economic education and financial literacy at UT Tyler, says the program works so well in the classrooms because the teachers truly understand what they are teaching.

“I think teaching the teachers is the key, because when teachers get it – when they understand economics as a way on decision making and they think about personal finance as the implementation of personal finance and the implementation of good decisions – they see it in everything they teach."

Doty says people often start thinking about personal finances and financial literacy when tax season rolls around, but she hopes that changes so people think about financial literacy all the time and in everything.

“Taxes are a how-to, economic and financial education is a why,” says Doty. “What we do is we try and create that foundational way of thinking before we get into the how-tos.”

$martpath was created in Cincinnati and has been used by over 22,00 teachers nationwide. Doty says the results of the program speak for themselves.

“We’re seeing more than a 35% increase in student learning pre-test/post-test.”

Doty says other programs like The Stock Market Game help middle school and high school-aged students learn about handling their money as well.

For more information, contact Susan Doty at sdoty@uttyler.edu.

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