East Texan builds large ‘catio’ for homeowner

East Texan builds large ‘catio’ for homeowner

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man has built his first “catio”, and he just keeps adding on to it. But what is it? Well, we asked him just that question, and were surprised to find out the builder didn’t know what it was either, until he began putting one together.

We’ll let the cat out of the bag: A catio is a patio for cats.

Jeff Bussey is an electrician by trade, but fancies himself a creative problem solver. A client, at an undisclosed location, asked him to build a catio, which he was told was:

“A network of mazes and tunnels, shelvings, bridges for cats to play on,” Bussey said.

Yes, a cat could have a great time in the sealed off area without a concern about outside wildlife encounters that could be catastrophic.

“Keeps them safe, but they get to go outside,” Bussey stated.

But many of the dozen or so cats using the catio mostly stayed inside the attached house while I was around. Apparently they’re of the “Scardey” variety, so while the cat’s away, the reporter will convey.

“There goes one right now,” I observed.

“There goes one right now. It just lets them be themselves. It lets them be wild and play,” Bussey explained.

It began as a single long cage connecting two windows.

“And from there it just grows,” Bussey said.

To include a 10-foot by 20-foot room that’s ten feet tall.

“I think catios are like tattoos. Once you get one you’re going to get a whole bunch of them.

In fact one is built onto the patio of the main house, and was originally for cat-sitting one cat.

The cats are not bored.

“There’s plenty for these cats to do,” I observed.

“Yeah, it’s endless really,” Jeff agreed.

“These cats are not going to swing off your curtains,” I said.

“Man I hope not,” Jeff smiled.

And the owners will never see the cat-that-ate-the-canary look since they can’t get to the birds. Even so, the cats think it’s perfect.

Jeff says he will be expanding the catio. The owners would like an addition to the large room that extends into a tree. Yes, a catio tree house is in the future for those lucky cats.

To learn more about Jeff’s catios, contact Off Grid Design Build at 903-475-4176.

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