White Oak officer doubles as Gladewater police chief

White Oak officer doubles as Gladewater police chief

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas police officer has temporarily taken over the reins as chief of one agency, while continuing to do his job at another agency.

The Gladewater Police Department had an opening when their police chief took another job elsewhere, and neighboring White Oak helped out.

Working very long hours, Lieutenant Brannon Robertson is pulling double duty these days, as aside from his duties with White Oak police, he’s also filling in as administrative chief at Gladewater Police Department.

“To fill the chief’s spot until a permanent chief is put in place. Gladewater came to White Oak asking for help, and there was no other choice but to help,” Brannon says.

When former chief Rob Vine left for another job, the city reached out to White Oak, and asked specifically for Robertson.

“So it’s been a great experience he’s been a great asset to the Gladewater community. Pulling us through and helping us through this interim period,” says Gladewater City Manager Ricky Tow.

"I have hired 4 patrolmen since I've been here," Robertson says.

Brannon is in the unique position of plying his years of experience for a job he may seek one day.

"As a patrol lieutenant in White Oak there area decision I make, and they're approved at that level. here when you make a decision, come to the realization that is the final decision. It's very new to me. There is some nervousness to it, I don't know what to expect, you almost have to play it by ear," Richardson says.

And of course, paperwork.

But he says this is how law enforcement supports each other.

"It's 24-7. You're police officer. Jobs got to get done," says Brannon.

Robertson will remain as the interim chief indefinitely until the city completes it’s search for a new permanent chief.

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