Broken utility pole looks dangerous, but Oncor ensures residents of its safety

Broken utility pole looks dangerous, but Oncor ensures residents safety

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Residents in an East Texas neighborhood say they’re concerned for their safety every time they drive to and from home.

A broken utility pole appears to be hanging by a thread and close to falling.

Anyone driving down Shiloh Road in Tyler may have noticed a small white rope holding together a 1,000-pound utility pole.

“I hope it doesn’t fall. I hope it doesn’t fall, I look at it every day and it’s like okay, it made it another day,” Tyler resident Victor Morales says.

Morales lives a block away from this utility pole.

“The amount of traffic that I see that goes through Shiloh is heavy. Robert E. Lee High School is right behind there,” Morales says.

Morales says he works at an electric company, so he understands the heavy load companies like his take on; but his concern is beginning to outweigh his understanding.

“I’d just like their boss to put it on a priority list,” Morales says.

While it does look dangerous, Oncor has assured us that there is no safety hazard.

“That rope is very, very, very weather resistant and it’s very strong. We use it to pull cable for this very specific purpose,” Oncor representative Charles Hill says.

Hill says the pole initially snapped at the bottom because of a past car wreck at the intersection of Donnybrook Ave. and Shiloh.

“That pole still has telephone facilities on it, so we contact the telephone company and give them an appropriate amount of time to get their facilities off of the pole and then we come back later and pull it,” Hill says.

But natural causes and car accidents happen all the time; so why are power poles like this one still placed 40 feet in the air, completely exposed?

“Overhead is still by far a less expensive, more cost-effective way of building that infrastructure,” Hill says.

Oncor is planning on changing out the utility pole on Shiloh and replacing it with a new one. Oncor says if you have an issue with a power outage or a broken utility pole, call your local Oncor office for help.

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