Henderson County sheriff attributes rising arrest rate to Most Wanted Felons program

Henderson County sheriff attributes rising arrest rate to Most Wanted Felons program

HENDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Henderson County Sheriff’s Office has attributed the rising number of arrests and closed warrants in recent weeks to the launch of a new program targeting the county’s most wanted criminals.

The Most Wanted Felons Alert program was launched in January, and Henderson County sheriff Botie Hillhouse said there’s been a great response from the public, and from the criminals themselves,

“I mean, we’ve had a couple that have noticed they were on the Most Wanted videos and came and turned themselves in, so we can move those cases forward in the justice system," Hillhouse explained.

Since January, Hillhouse has posted up to three wanted felons per week on the Henderson County Facebook page, explaining what the person is wanted for and asking the public for help locating them. Hillhouse said there are “thousands of warrants" that are active that he would like to clear up.

“We’ve posted 15 individuals up to date, and we’ve actually apprehended 7 of those,” Hillhouse said. “Which is almost 50 percent, we’re doing really well. Yesterday, I posted one a little after 2 p.m., and less than 24 hours, we’ve already apprehended two of the three that were posted due to tips that were called in and given to law enforcement.”

Hillhouse pointed to the number of views the videos have received on Facebook: Hillhouse had posted 5 videos as of Thursday, and those 5 videos had received a collective 50,000 views from the public. The sheriff said it’s the reason the Most Wanted Felons Alert program has been so successful.

“Every time I’ve asked the community to help us, we’ve got tremendous response. This is just another way they show, the community cares what’s going on, and I really want to thank them for helping law enforcement do our job," Hillhouse added.

Hillhouse doesn’t just social media for his Most Wanted Felons program, he said he also wanted to let the community know what their sheriff’s office was doing by posting regular updates.

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