Kilgore Restaurant to host coffee demonstration

Kilgore Restaurant to host coffee demonstration

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Many coffee drinkers just want that first cup in a hurry to get going in the morning. But in many countries, coffee is a social event to be savored with company.

There is a restaurant in Kilgore where a customer who now roasts his own coffee beans will be putting on a demonstration of just how they do it overseas.

Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant on Highway 31 in Kilgore is known for their rib-sticking food but soon hopes to be known for their coffee too, thanks to Claude Hammond. His work in orthodontics has often taken him to the Middle East.

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“The Arabian Peninsula is the birthplace for the use of coffee as a beverage,” Hammond said.

It was in Dubai where he was certified in preparation, roasting, and brewing of coffee. Now he has his own Coffee bean, called Wo Wo Joe.

“Not available in stores, at least not yet. Right now we’re looking at commercial accounts; certain select restaurants that serve really great food that would be complemented by really great coffee,” Hammond explained.

Presently he’s running his company in compliance with Texas Cottage Food Laws. He has bigger plans with his Nicaraguan coffee bean which is being featured at Brigitta’s Tuesday at 5 pm, according to owner Mike Chubboy.

“He’ll give an exhibition on how to make coffee the best and what is the different types of coffees,” Chubboy said.

And colorblind Kilgore artist David Matula will have paintings on display.

Hammond takes great care in making coffee a cup at a time; beans ground fresh with the precise amount, spring water heated to 201 degrees and carefully poured over the grounds of a rinsed filter. And he does a French Press as well.

“Two different grinds, two different water temperatures, and two different approaches to the same way of brewing coffee,” Hammond added.

And Hammond says that gives the same bean two different tastes, which maybe doubles the reason to get up in the morning.

An Exhibition of Coffee and Art starts on Tuesday at 5 pm at Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant on Highway 31 in Kilgore. The coffee talk is free, but they are also offering a sample plate of 6 Brigitta’s dishes for $12.

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