Longview firefighters hold ceremony to welcome new engine into service

Longview firefighters hold ceremony to welcome new engine into service

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - After many years of service, Longview Fire Department has retired its Fire Engine 1 in order to welcome its replacement of the same name.

Longview firefighters held a ceremony Monday morning to welcome the new Fire Engine 1 into service. Fire Marshal Kevin May said it’s something of a tradition for fire departments across the country, but it’s a fairly new concept for Longview fire houses.

“So, we had a wash down, where the truck was rinsed off from the old fire engine, then we took turns drying it off and then we pushed it up into its new home," said May.

The truck is equipped is designed with firefighters in mind, including extra lighting features which makes it safer to operate at night.

“Some of the things that are different about this truck is we’ve got our hose beds configured where they’re lower and a little bit easier to get to,” said May. “Some of them come off the back of the truck, which, in tight spots, makes them easier to get to, easier to reload.”

WEBXTRA: Longview firefighters hold ceremony to put new fire engine into service

May said the addition was well-deserved considering Fire Engine 1 is the busiest engine in the city, and typically makes the list of top 100 busiest fire engine in the nation.

“It’s going to get broke in here pretty good before long,” May added.

This is the first time the Longview Fire Department has had a formal ceremony to welcome a new engine into service.

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