Die-hard Patriots fan in East Texas named son ‘Brady,’ dog ‘Gronkowski’

Die-hard Patriots fan in East Texas named son ‘Brady,’ dog ‘Gronkowski’

HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - New England is nearly 2,000 miles away, but we still found the new England Patriots’ biggest fan here, in East Texas.

“Okay…so of course…I did cry.”

It’s not often you see a grown man admit to crying, but Drew Scholl’s passion for the Patriots permits some pretty strong emotions.

“They want to see someone else at the Super Bowl, but I look at it as, beat us,” Scholl says.

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There are NFL fans and then there are super fans.

“T.B. 12 memorabilia, of course the goat shirt, the hat, I mean it’s everywhere, its everywhere in the house,” Scholl says.

Scholl’s loyalty to the 5-time Super Bowl winning team has passed down to his son, two-year-old Brady.

“I told my wife, I was like. ‘we could name him Tom, like whole name, and just put our last name on the end,’ and she was like, ‘nah, that is kind of weird,’” Scholl says.

Weird might be an understatement at the Scholl household, as the team’s ‘flying Elvis’ symbol is permanently tattooed on Drew’s arm.

“Every team on here has won a championship or at least been to a championship before,” Scholl says.

But let’s be real, here in East Texas, Scholl is perfectly placed directly between Cowboy Country and the ‘Who Dat’ nation.

“I embrace the haters, as Tom would say. We love them and then we send them back to where they belong,” Scholl says.

And if this proof of Scholl’s devotion isn’t enough, the Scholl family lovingly named their 5-year-old bulldog, Gronkowski.

Most fans know Gronk as the Patriot’s tight end.

Drew Scholl’s ultimate goal is to meet Tom Brady; an event he believes he would cry at as well.

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