WEBXTRA: East Texas family of super fans bleeds Patriots red, white, blue

WEBXTRA: Diehard Patriots fan

EAST TEXAS, TX (KLTV) - There are NFL fans, and then there are super fans.

Drew Scholl and his wife definitely fall into the latter category. They bleed Patriots red, white, and blue.

Drew has been a die-hard fan of the New England Patriots since quarterback Tom Brady was drafted in 2000.

The Scholl family has New England Patriots jerseys and memorabilia. Drew even has Patriots-themed tattoos.

How dedicated are they? Drew and his wife named their newborn son Brady. In addition, their beloved family pet, a 5-year-old bulldog, is named Gronkowksi in honor of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

East Texas News will have more on this later today.

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