Longview hosts first Texas Bourbon Shootout

Clay (Jamey Boyum/Multimedia Journalist
Clay (Jamey Boyum/Multimedia Journalist
Updated: Feb. 1, 2019 at 5:46 PM CST
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East Texas News at 6.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It’s all about Bourbon and Bowties Saturday night at Maude Cobb in Longview.

The sixth annual event requires quite a bit of setup at the convention center. Workers and volunteers were busy most of Friday setting up tables and décor for the event. But this year they are adding a whole new event: The Texas Bourbon Shootout.

And there the best bourbon distilled in the state of Texas will be declared, judged by attendees, and Jim Murray, author of the “Whiskey Bible.”

Ten, no wait, eleven Texas Bourbon Whiskey bottles were lined up at the front of the room. One, Tahwankaroo, just made it in the evening before the contest with batch one.

Jim Murray, world renowned Whiskey expert, and Cole Tomberlain, Co-Founder of the East Texas Bourbon Society make their way to the bottles of whiskey attendees will be tasting.

“Jim’s going to walk them through this tasting, and by the end of the night he’s going to have this down to one bourbon that the crowd has picked as the people’s choice,” Cole said.

And the challenge will be to see if the people’s choice matches Jim’s choice.

“I taste whiskeys from every single corner of the planet. Wherever, whoever makes whiskey, I taste that whiskey, and I’ve got to say that outside Kentucky, Texas is the king of bourbons. The best bourbons, without any shadow of a doubt,” Jim said.

He is probably qualified to make that call since he updates his Whiskey Bible every year, and says Kentucky has been king for years.

“If you take the average barrel; the quality of an average barrel of Kentucky Bourbon and compare that to an average barrel of maturing scotch, the Kentucky Bourbon wins,” Jim revealed.

But the Lone Star State has made progress over the last decade.

“Now Texas is hot on their heels,” Jim stated.

And Jim will teach the crowd how to:

“Find out what it’s got, and to find out what it’s not got,” Jim said.

Jim says good whiskey’s not cheap, and neither is a Jaguar which you certainly wouldn’t drive at 140 MPH every time you take it out.

“You might once,” Jim laughed.

“I have no comment about that,” I said.

“Just to see what it can do,” Jim smiled.

He says bourbon whiskey, like a Jaguar, should be savored.

“I’m going to show people how to get every last atom of aroma and flavor out of the whiskey,” Jim added.

He says he hopes to awaken people’s capabilities that may be lying dormant in their own taste buds.

And he’s going to be brutally honest with the distilleries.

Winners will be announced on the website and in Texas Monthly.

Proceeds benefit Longview’s World Of Wonders children’s discovery center. There are still a few reception-only tickets available.

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