SFA’s John Franklin Myers ready to represent East Texas at Super Bowl 53

SFA’s John Franklin Myers ready to represent East Texas at Super Bowl 53
(Source: KTRE Sports)

ATLANTA, GA (KTRE) -John Franklin-Myers finds himself in a special situation.

The Los Angeles Rams rookie will become only the ninth former Stephen F. Austin State University Lumberjack to take part in a Super Bowl. It is the dream of every kid who every played pee-wee football, Friday Night football, or college football to make it to the professional level. Elite players in Texas that have won state championships have not been able to claim they have played in a game this big.

For Franklin-Myers, the reality of playing in a Super Bowl is a dream come true that many would not even accept as a Hollywood script.

Myers never won a game in high school at Greenville High School.

“It was tough coming from an East Texas high school,” Franklin-Myers said. “I didn’t win a high school game. I went to a small school. Everything was against me”

Franklin-Myers did not give up though. After performing well at camps, he caught the eyes of the SFA coaching staff. After visiting with the staff, he was given a scholarship. As a senior in Nacogdoches, Franklin-Myers moved up on draft grades and performed well in the NFLPA All-Star Game. At his pro day, he had several teams work with him and show interest in his skills. Then last April, he was able to get a phone call that he had been drafted by the Rams and would be joining one of the best defenses in the league.

Now just days away from the biggest game he has ever been part of, Franklin-Myers is taking in every moment knowing he is doing something so many others only get to dream about.

“I am just excited,” Franklin-Myers said. “I am just ready to get to it and play. It is just an honor.”

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