Better East Texas: Shutdown fight 2.0 brewing

Better East Texas: Shutdown fight 2.0 brewing

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -The border wall/government shutdown fight, version 2.0, is heating up in Washington. Congress and the president are attempting to find a solution to, you guessed it, the border wall and government funding. And they have until February 15, or another government shutdown looms.

The last government shutdown that just recently ended affected hundreds of thousands of workers directly, but affected much of America indirectly with travel, national park, IRS and other services grinding to a halt. But the real looming issue is that not much has changed since the days before the first shutdown.

A bi-partisan group is trying to come up with solution that the president will agree to, but that will be a challenge as well. This next deadline could be the one that defines the legislative success of the Trump Presidency as his hardline supporters are demanding the campaign promise of building a wall be executed. It will also define the early capital influence of the Nancy Pelosi regime in the House as she continues to stare down the president. But caught in the middle are the government workers who face a financial disruption once again.

This not fair to them as this political battle between two seemingly immovable objects pushes government workers to the edge financially. You can bet, if another shutdown occurs, that the impact on government services won’t be a slow mover.

We will see dramatic service cuts immediately, affecting all of us and that isn’t fair either. These two sides have to compromise or everyone will pay the price and this something none of us need.

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