EA’s Madden has Rams winning Super Bowl

EA’s Madden has Rams winning Super Bowl
The NFL shield logo is seen following a press conference held by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (not pictured) at the George R. Brown Convention Center on February 1, 2017 in Houston, Texas. (Source: Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images (edited))

ATLANTA, GA (KTRE) - The go to source for electronic football gaming has spoken and the results are good for LA Rams fans.

With Super Bowl LII just days away the predictions are starting to pick up. On one side you have the new young kids on the block in the LA Rams. On the other side you have the battle tested veterans of the New England Patriots.

The game may be played on Sunday inside the Mercedes Benz Stadium but it has already been played at EA Sports Headquarters with the “Madden” simulation predicting a 27-24 win for the Rams.

It seems in the video game version of the big game, the Rams were able to get to Tom Brady, with Rams standout Aaron Donald sacking the future Hall of Famer 4 times. The Pats held the lead for most the game but just like the NFC championship game, the Rams were able to make a late comeback. No word on if there were any missed calls late in the game by the A.I. officials.

How serious should you take this? Not too serious. The predictions have been going on for 9 years and the game has predicted the game right five times. Since Super Bowl 50, the game has alternated on being right/ wrong so this year’s trend would point to the Rams winning with the simulator getting it wrong last year. However, the simulation has correctly predicted the Patriots’ Super Bowl outcomes in three of four trips that have occurred since this digital tradition began.

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