Better East Texas: Government shutdown points out need for financial preparation

BET: Shutdown

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The government shutdown was a record one as far as duration. But the term partial has been attached to this as the true scope of the shutdown had some limitations.

Now, any shutdown for any length of time is too long, as it seems every shutdown has been a product of congress and or the president not being able to work out budget funding agreements. Government workers become pawns and both parties are ultimately responsible.

This shutdown affected hundreds of thousands of workers directly, but in the larger scope of things, was not as large as it could have been. However, one major headline that is a little muted but is very impactful is that this shutdown revealed how many people live paycheck to paycheck with little to no emergency fund. Financial guru Dave Ramsey noted being prepared for a true personal financial crisis is very important, and pretty logical. But here you have stories of furloughed federal workers considering taking high interest loans, new credit cards, or selling cars to make ends meet after only three weeks of the shutdown.

Now, again, any time is too long, but being prepared for something like this really makes sense. Whether it is the rare shutdown or a job change or some unplanned expense, we should all have some kind of rainy day fund that helps soften the impact if something happens and that preparedness prevents us from being foolish with our remaining resources. The impact of this shutdown was not healthy for anyone, workers or politicians, and especially not the financially unprepared.

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