Under Armour to design apparel for space tourists

Under Armour to design apparel for space tourists
Under Armour will designs flight suits for Virgin Galactic pilots and passengers.

(CNN) – Under Armour is adding another product to its arsenal – astronaut apparel.

The sporting equipment company has announced it’s designing flight suits for Virgin Galactic.

Under Armour will unveil its suit designs for pilots and passengers later this year.

Virgin Galactic plans to use a rocket-powered plane to fly tourists to the edge of space, where they can briefly experience motionlessness.

Hundreds of people have already reserved their six-figure-priced tickets. The first flight is expected to take off sometime this year.

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank said his company will design the flight suits with safety in mind, adding that he wants the suits to “help you keep your blood in the right places” for passengers enduring breakneck speeds.

Plank said the suits will be flame retardant and will make use of fabric technology the company developed for football star Tom Brady to help control body temperature.

In addition to designing the suits, Under Armour will prepare "physical preparation and recovery" programs for customers.

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