Hallsville Bodacious gets high praise for Pork Steak Sandwich

Texas Monthly magazine calls it one of the Best BBQ Bites of 2018

Hallsville Bodacious gets high praise for Pork Steak Sandwich

HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) -Texas Monthly has released its Best Texas BBQ Bites of 2018, and a barbeque restaurant in Hallsville has made the list.

Hallsville’s Bodacious Bar-B-Q only serves its pork steak on Thursdays, but some people like Lloyd Lafleur plan Thursday around it.

“I mean, he invented that deal, and he knows what he’s doing. And it’s the same every week. It’s not like he might hit it and he might not. He hits it right every week,” Lafleur said.

He is Gabriel Ritter, Pitmaster who started out at the Bodacious in Marshall, where after a, “Few years there I went to the original one on Mobberly in Longview,” Ritter said.

He honed his skills and started his own place in Longview, but lost the lease and ended up with the Hallsville location. That’s where he started making the pork steak, and that started with Ritter making his own sausage.

“Whenever you make sausage you always end up with a little piece of pork left, so I said what am I going to do with this little piece of pork?” Ritter explained.

He said another barbeque place was doing pork, so he did too. But to make Texas Monthly was a big deal.

“It was a little bit surprising. We knew it was good but to get mentioned by a magazine like that it’s always nice,” Ritter said.

His wife Kasie Ritter says they generally have a pretty good crowd on pork steak Thursdays, and it’s pretty rare there’s any left after lunch.

WEBXTRA: Hallsville Bodacious recognized by Texas Monthly

“The guys in the evenings know they’re not going to get it so they don’t typically come for the pork steak in the afternoon,” Kasie said.

“What do people say to you when you tell them ‘I’m out’?” I asked Kasie.

“Dang it. I should’ve called,” Kasie laughed.

“What do you think when you get in here and they say that they’re out?” I asked Lafleur.

“Oh, I stomp and really one day I did that, and I just acted silly you know,” Lafleur replied.

So what does Gabriel do to that pork?

“I don’t know,” Gabriel laughed.

Wow. That is one consistently lucky pitmaster.

This is not the first time Ritter’s Bodacious was in Texas Monthly. There was an article profiling them and several of their other specialties in July of 2017.

Remember, the pork steak in only on Thursdays.

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