Fire marshal shows off Longview’s new Engine 1

Fire marshal shows off Longview’s new Engine 1

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Engine 1 is about to be replaced. The Longview Fire Department has a new Engine 1 in town, and although it’s not quite ready to roll yet, we got a sneak peek.

It is state of the art. Longview Fire Marshal Kevin May says the new Engine 1 was partially designed by Longview Station 1 firefighters.

“There’s three shifts, and all of them had input into the design of the fire truck,” May said.

They put some thought into it. It was a long process.

“About four months to get the truck designed the way they wanted and then about 10 months to do the build,” May stated.

This truck can pump water while it’s moving. If, say, there’s a grass fire moving along the interstate they used to have to go through long process to hose down each hot spot.

“Literally set your emergency brake, get out, pull your fire hose, put a fire out, and then possibly move a hundred yards down the road,” May explained.

Now they can keep moving. There is hose on the side, but May said there is also a pre-connected hose line that comes off the back of the fire engine. As a result, the fire hose doesn’t take up a lane of traffic coming off the side, and the doors direct traffic.

“Then if it’s the left door then you’ve got arrows that point traffic around the apparatus,” May revealed.

The rear seats face backwards.

“Which gives them easier access to and from the fire apparatus,” May said.

And the cab has a separate air conditioner.

“Since all of our fire engines are staffed with paramedics,” May stated.

Along with various medications that may need to stay cool.

“Is there bullet-proof tires?” I asked.

“No.” May replied.

“Bullet-proof glass?”




“Anti aircraft missiles?”

“Not yet.”

May was probably kidding about the last answer. One thing is for sure. This is not your grandfather’s fire truck.

The new Engine 1 will go to work in the next couple weeks after it’s fully outfitted. The cost was right around $800,000 It was paid for by a lease purchase program from the fire department budget.

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