Groveton’s Lane Johnson defending his QB while at Pro Bowl

Groveton’s Lane Johnson defending his QB while at Pro Bowl
(Source: KTRE Sports)

ORLANDO, FL (KTRE) - Groveton’s Lane Johnson is in Orlando for the 2019 NFL Pro Bowl. Johnson is making his second straight Prow Bowl appearance.

While enjoying the sunny weather in Florida, Johnson seems to not be able to escape the chilly controversy in Philadelphia. Earlier in the week, a report surfaced that sourced unnamed Eagles players as calling quarterback Carson Wentz as “selfish”.

Johnson did not hold back with an ESPN reporter when asked about the situation with the quarterback he defends every Sunday.

Just to give clarity to the situation, I think whenever stuff hits the fan and people want initial reactions from the players, and how it is inside the locker room, and that’s how we treat it," Johnson said. “Just noise. That’s how we’ll always treat stuff like that.”

It is no surprise that Johnson would defend Wentz who has been a friend to Johnson on and off the field.

“First of all, he’s a country guy,” Johnson said. “[He] Stays close to his roots, to his friends and family. Just an outgoing guy. Fun to be around, creates a lot of energy. Kind of goofy at times, that’s just his personality, what makes everybody love him so much.”

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