Gusting winds down trees on roadways

Road Hazards

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Cold gusty East Texas winds created problems for boaters and motorists alike.

20-to-30 mile an hour gusts caused some hazards on numerous roadways.

Flags were standing straight out, and trees bending with heavy gusts made for some dangerous conditions on the water and the roads.

"We're already getting calls some of the deputies along the roadway. These pine trees and some trees that have gotten wet are starting to fall," says game warden Todd Long.

A 30 mile an hour gusts can easily capsize a bass boat.

"Especially out on our waterways some of these lakes are especially dangerous when the wind kicks up like today," Long says.

The whipping gusts have taken their toll on everything from tree branches to road signs.

In Upshur County, there were several reports of trees and overhanging branches that had come crashing down on roadways.

Some dead trees had come down, but fall and winter rains have also loosened the root of other trees.

“They can be susceptible to the high winds, the limbs breaking the trees falling the rotten trees,” Todd says.

Though a lot of debris blocked roadways, there were no reports of any accidents caused.

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