Game On? Texas, Texas A&M could play again

Game On? Texas, Texas A&M could play again
(Source: KTRE Sports)

TYLER, TX (KTRE) - It has been seven long years since the University of Texas has played Texas A&M University of the football field.

It was always a late season tradition to see the two schools play but in 2011, the college football world was shook up with teams jumping to other conferences. One of those to jump was the Aggies; opting for the Southeastern Athletic Conference over the Big 12.

On Friday the presidents of both universities spoke out in favor of bringing the game back that was first played in 1894. While both presidents want the game to come back, the biggest obstacle would be the scheduling of the game.

“You have to get the weekend that coincides and works together,” said Texas A&M president Michael Young in an ESPN article. “It is complicated. Our schedules don’t match very well. They have nonconference games in the beginning; we have ours interspersed more throughout the season. All of this makes it very hard to schedule.”

Before the series went on hiatus, Texas led the all time series 76-37-5. In the final game in 2011, Texas won a close 27-25 game.

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