Amanda’s Tree: East Texas woman creates earrings for cancer patients

Project named in honor of friend who died after cancer battle

Amanda’s Tree: East Texas woman creates earrings for cancer patients

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Daphna Daniels credits the surgeons and nurses at UT Health’s MD Anderson Center with saving her life.

“Cancer can be relentless, but here they are more relentless than cancer – I’m living proof of that,” said Daniels.

Those nurses ... that she has become all too familiar with ... gifted her a pair of earrings two weeks ago. Those earrings came from Amanda’s Tree.

Amanda’s Tree is a tree full of big, beautiful, bold earrings. These earrings were created by Susanne Mackintosh in honor of her friend Amanda, who lost her battle with colon cancer in September 2018.

“She was an incredible friend, very loyal, very sweet, very loving,” said Mackintosh. “I was blessed to know her.”

When Amanda was diagnosed, Susanne wanted to help in some way.

“I’m a terrible cook and I can’t bake,” said Mackintosh, laughing. “So, I didn’t want to make her or her family a casserole. I prayed on it and the Lord told me to use my gifts.”

Those gifts: creativity and jewelry making. Susanne began making earrings for Amanda to wear.

“Out of nowhere she just kind of took the scarves off and wore the big earrings and she told me they made her feel pretty and they made her feel bold and to hear that is just an incredible thing,” said Mackintosh.

When Daphna got to pick out her first pair of earrings, she said she couldn’t have been happier.

“They came in with the earrings and I said ‘Oh, this is so cool!’” said Daniels. “That brightened up my life because the earrings are bright. They don’t look like something depressing, they look like a flower that brightens up your life.”

Daniels said they earrings become a focal point for others to look at and a beacon of hope for those wearing them.

“They’re something to look at that reminds everybody we need to be happy,” said Daniels. “You look good! The earrings just bring forth happiness, like wearing a flower.”

A soon-to-be first-time grandmother, Daniels is grateful to be around for the birth of her first grandchild and she’s looking forward to the baby shower for more than one reason.

“I chose the pair of earrings I did because I’m going to be going to a baby shower and I already have my outfit picked out, but I needed a pair of earrings to go with the outfit,” said Daniels. “They’re gold and the stones are the same color as my dress for the shower. It’s like she made the earrings especially for that baby shower. They’re perfect.”

Susanne will be hosting a buy one, give one event for her earrings on February 5, 2019. On that day, for every pair of earrings purchased, one will be donated to cancer patients.

Currently there are trees at UT Health’s MD Anderson Center and Christus Trinity Mother Frances. Two more trees will be funded by UT Health and brought to two of their other campuses.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Amanda’s Tree or donating materials, head to or email

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