German television interviews Hawkins police chief

VIDEO: German television interviews Hawkins police chief

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas police chief has found himself at the center of a lot of media attention, not for a bad reason, but because he’s become a star in his native country.

Hawkins police chief Manfred Gilow is a German immigrant who worked his way through law enforcement before getting a chief's position.

A month into his new job as Hawkins police chief, German television contacted him.

“I had no idea it was news. I’m proud to be chief of police, AND my accomplishment as a German. But within 24 hours, I got all these emails from friends and family that I would be all over the news in Germany,” Gilow said.

Alexander Spath and a news crew arrived Thursday to interview Gilow for German national television.

“German channels call us; and they say we saw that story. And they got aware of a police chief here in Hawkins, he’s a German. Something like that I’ve never reported on,' Spath said.

German television interviews Hawkins police chief

Manfreds' story has captured the imagination of the Germans because he is an immigrant who worked his way up to be a chief.

“Interesting to see how a German, a real German like he is, fits in here to Texas,” Spath said.

And they have a fascination with all things Texas.

“You guys in Texas have a lot of guns; you like to have your guns. We know it from television like for cowboys movies,” Spath said.

For Gilow, all the attention is a little overwhelming.

“I’m still the same I always have been, but I’m very humbled,” Manfred said.

The attention is not over yet. Gilow said another German news agency is on their way to interview him next week.

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