Clues sought in missing Panola county womans’ disappearance

Clues sought in missing Panola county womans’ disappearance

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texas law enforcement is still trying to find clues leading to the whereabouts of a woman who disappeared, leaving her truck behind on a rural road.

It was last week that 32-year-old Lauren Thompson disappeared in Panola County. She has not been heard from or seen since.

Investigators from the beginning began to look at ocial media and phone messages, and use a standard formula to find clues.

It was a frantic 9-1-1 call to the Panola County Sheriffs Office that set a search in motion for Thompson.

“She indicated she wasn’t sure where she was, she wasn’t familiar with the area. Obviously in distress in the 911 call. She felt someone was following her. She had not observed anybody but she felt somebody was with her. She was scared,” says Panola County Sheriff Kevin Lake.

Deputies were able to use cell phone tower pings to determine the call came from an area along FM 1794, just west of the Rock Hill community. Her vehicle found stuck in a ditch.

Lake says helicopters were brought in, as well as dogs, a large amount of manpower, as the area was searched over and over and over again, but still no sign of Thompson.

"We covered over a thousand acres on foot. 86-hundred acres by air search. We conducted that search for 6 days and found no clues. We used 4 or 5 K-9 teams. Texas parks and wildlife and their K-9 team,"Lake says.

They had been checking social media and phone records from the beginning and now hope a focus in that area will yield a clue.

"We're trying to retrace those steps with technology. We're in the process of obtained records for social media and cell phone.

“We have interviewed people she was with that day and got their story; matter of fact, interviewed them more than once. We’re looking to find a clue that may turn us in another direction,” the sheriff says.

The sheriff says his top priority is resolution for Thompsons' family.

"We're very open with the family. We're telling them everything we're doing. If she is out there and can hear this report, there's a lot of people that care for you Lauren," says Lake.

A prayer vigil will be held for Lauren Thompson on Sunday at 6:30 at the Trinidad high school gym.

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