Brady vs. Mahomes

Brady vs. Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - When the AFC Championship game is played Sunday, Tom Brady owner of five Super Bowl rings will watch the league’s future from the sideline when Patrick Mahomes leads his offense.

Brady has been to 13 AFC tilts, winner of five rings, Mahomes is just starting out his career and what a start he’s had.

But while many are saying this game will be Brady’s retirement party, the Tyler native sees it differently.

“I’m a young guy he’s done so much in this league, still doing it to this day. So I mean he’s gonna play more years to come so I mean I’m going to strive to do some of the things that he’s done with the super bowls he’s won, and that’s the ultimate goal, he’s not trying to pass the torch anytime soon. He’s playing at a high level this year and I expect him to play at this level at least another couple of years,” said Mahomes.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft said today that Brady’s best ever NFL player in history.

When Brady was asked if being underdogs is extra motivation, wisely he said “if you can’t get motivated for this game something’s wrong with you”.

Bill Belichick a man of few words, didn’t mention Mahomes by name, but makes his point:

“Again, we’re going to stop the whole offense. It’s not just one guy. The quarterback’s good, the backs are good, the tight ends are good, the receivers are good, line’s good, coach is good. I mean they’re all good. So we’re going to have to play team defense. And that includes everything. So it’s all important.

”He can make all throws, he’s athletic enough to extend plays. You don’t really know where he’s gonna throw, just he’s a playmaker. So he can do it, do it all he can make all the throws so," said Patriot’s Patrick Chung.

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