NFL Writers MVP Is Mahomes, high school Coach Adam Cook proud

Mahomes former coach celebrates the MVP

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - A record setting year and having the Chiefs one win away from the Super Bowl is pretty heavy stuff for a young QB. But not if that QB is Patrick Mahomes, Wednesday he was named Pro Football Writer’s MVP and Offensive Player of the year, and Mahomes was grateful for the recognition, passing praise to his teammates.

“Yeah it’s awesome. It’s a special honor. I thank all of them for that. It’s really a tribute to my teammates; I got put into a great situation here, where I have a lot of teammates around me, that made me look really good," Mahomes said.

Whtiehouse AD Adam Cook coached Patrick Mahomes in high school, and says what he’s doing now in exciting fans is just how he was doing it as a prep star. Cook went to KC with family and saw first hand his former high school QB dazzle fans and make the plays that launched the Chiefs into Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the GOAT (greatest of all time), Tom Brady and his Patriots.

“And here is one of our young players who had been a part of going through that tunnel at a young age. And now he’s going through the hugest tunnel on the NFL stage, he’s the last one to get out there and they go crazy," Cook said. “The second time Julie got a little emotional was whenever he made the touchdown run he sticks the ball out and scores. And they all start chanting' ‘MVP.’ That was awesome to be out there with them, to join them in both of those moments.”

He added, "As we watch, ol' Patrick continues to do dazzle impress; people’s jaws drop watching him out there play on the field, so it was exciting”

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