Murray decides to enter NFL draft

Murray says work ethic outweighs the negatives

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Heisman trophy winner and Tyler Rose award winner Kyler Murray announced that he’ll enter the NFL draft.

Already a first round draft pick by the Oakland A’s many NFL teams project the Sooner will be a first round pick in that league too.

The only knock on him is his height, listed at 5’9 it’s a sure bet he’s heard that all of his life.

“I’ve always felt being one of the smaller guys I’ve had to do more, but at the same knowing that what I’m capable is enough. Not trying to out in every game and do too much, try to be myself, play my game. Off the field I don’t think anybody outworks me. I try not to let anybody outwork me. I think anybody that knows me, we don’t play around with working out,” said Murray.

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