Mahomes praises former mentor

Mahomes praises former mentor
Patrick Mahomes

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - When the KC Chiefs traded QB Alex Smith, that was a clear move that they were all in with the then rookie Patrick Mahomes.

And once the season began not once was there a thought that perhaps the move wasn’t a good idea.

Pro Football Writers of America agree naming Mahomes the MVP and Offensive player of the year.

Mahomes and his father former major league Pat Mahomes gave Smith praise

“I hope i could have won a lot of games last year. Don’t know if I could have done this, I mean having Alex gave me the experiences and taught me how to be successful. It was huge for me, coming out you don’t know what, you really don’t know, I mean you don’t know what it takes to be a really successful quarterback in the NFL. Being able to have someone in front me, that definitely helped me out a ton this year, Ah man I mean Alex is, I mean he’s superb, a-1 guy,” said Patrick Mahomes.

“I went up to him a few times last year, after the games and told him hey I just want to thank you, you know for being the way you are with my son,” said Mahomes' dad Pat.

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