Kilgore Fire Academy hosts first-ever regional fire protection school

INTERVIEW: Our Jeff Chavez spoke with Mike Fennell about a new fire school training program

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Kilgore College Fire Academy (KCFA) is preparing to host its first-ever training and fire protection school for the northeast Texas region.

The KCFA is teaming up with the Northeast Texas Firefighter’s and Fire Marshal Association (NETFFMA), in conjuction with Texas Eastman, to provide training in firefighting and related skills for all members of volunteer, paid, or part-paid fire departments in east Texas and areas of west Louisiana.

Kilgore Fire Academy

Classes will include entry-level basics for firefighters like S-130 and S-190, which are mandatory for firefighters who are called to help in different regions of the state during wildfire season. More advanced subjects, such as RIT training, tank battery firefighting, and air management will also be offered.

“It’s the first time [tank battery firefighting] class has been offered at the school,” said Mike Fennell, lead instructor at KCFA.

Kilgore College Fire Academy already boasts one of the most respected fire academies in the country. Fennell said he’s on the advisory board for the fire academy, and realized there was still a need for education in experience outside of what the academy already offers students.

“This school has been talked about for the last 3 years, and what we’ve been doing is trying to get it off, get it going,” said Fennell. “We wanted to offer classes that we don’t offer in October to allow firefighters in the month of February, before it starts getting too hot.”

“The main purpose of this school is to train them, and to teach them, to make sure everybody goes home," Fennell said.
Firefighters go through rigorous training at Kilgore College Fire Academy in this undated photo.
Firefighters go through rigorous training at Kilgore College Fire Academy in this undated photo.

Pre-registration is not required, but Fennell said it’s something he stresses to prospective students, as classes sometimes quickly fill up.

“This is our first ever, we’re very excited about hosting it,” Fennell added. “Texas Eastman -- great people to work with -- they’re going to be hosting it with us also. We’re excited to have it.”

If you’d like more information about the Northeast Texas Area Kilgore College Fire Academy Fire Protection School, you can contact KCFA by phone (903) 983-3762, or you can contact MIke Fennell by email at You can also visit the Kilgore College Fire Academy Facebook page for more information.

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