Mahomes wants to be a role model

Agent Leight Steinberg sings praises for Patrick Mahomes

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - He’s just one win away from leading the chiefs to a super bowl, a drought that’s been on chiefs fans minds for years, it’s no wonder they turned out all bundled up in the cold hoping to see history made.

Patrick Mahomes didn’t disappoint, he has a connection with the fans.

“It’s huge I mean these fans you feed off their energy, they bring every single week. They’re so intense I mean it really is surreal, its crazy you feel it the moment you step into the stadium,” said Mahomes.

From first round pick, to record setter in his first season as a starter, super bowl opportunity, pro bowler and front runner for the league’s MVP.

“What you could not have predicted that in the very first year starting he would blossom this soon cause for a college quarterback to go to the pros the game’s much faster players are much better. And usually this is the year where what happens is you line up over the guard instead of center, you call ridiculous time outs you throw horrendous interceptions he’s done virtually none of that.” said Mahomes' agent Leigh Steinberg.

At Texas Tech he ran a prolific offense but he wasn’t a heralded prospect. Scouts had him going in the later rounds of the draft.

“But they weren’t looking at the fact that he could master a 3-, 7-7 drop back. He’s a freakishly gifted athlete, splendid temperament. Bbut the best part of it, he’s really a nice person and considerate, he cares about others he wants to be a role model. He’s gonna come back to his high school and set up a program. Then at Texas Tech, a charitable foundation, number 15 and the Mahomies, which will help kids. His commitment is the kids,” said Mahomes' agent Leigh Steinberg.

What’s that saying about nice guys finishing last, just another record number 15 has broken.

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