Family and friends mourn teens killed in Marshall crash

Family and friends mourn teens killed in Marshall crash

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Family and friends are still reeling after a horrible crash that claimed the lives of two East Texas teenagers.

The one vehicle crash happened in Harrison county on south state highway 43, two miles south of Marshall.

Two Marshall high school students died from their injuries in the wreck, and two others remain hospitalized.

A single bouquet of flowers held by a yellow ribbon, marks the tree near highway 43 where two Marshall teens received fatal injuries, and two others seriously injured.

Ny'jahl Armstrong and Derrick Bennett, both juniors at Marshall high school, died as a result of the crash.

"They were just young kids in high school. Good kids. They were coming from some kind of party in Tatum," said one relative who had come to the scene of the crash.

Students Latavion Jackson and Jerrold Maze remain hospitalized.

According to DPS investigators, the driver, Jackson, was traveling north on highway 43 at an unsafe speed, slid off and hit a tree.

The road was very wet at the time the kids were traveling, they began to hydroplane, came across the roadway into oncoming lanes, and then tire tracks show they began to slide sideways into the grass.

Family members say the vehicle then went airborne, traveling some 75 feet before crashing into a tree.

"Tire mark. Tire mark right in the middle right there. It didn't slash, you can see where it was sliding sliding sideways. I don't know, its strange," said a family friend who had visited the crash site.

After searching the area, family members believe a blown tire may have contributed to the wreck.

According to DPS investigators, preliminary information shows the driver and passengers were not wearing seat-belts.

Marshall I-S-D has announced that counselors will be on hand at the school for students on Monday.

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