Better East Texas: Facebook vs. your child’s privacy

BET: Facebook and your child’s privacy

(KLTV) - The world used to be a place where you could find a good amount of privacy. From heading off the trail for some private time, to a private meeting behind closed doors, privacy was an often used right and condition. But now, thanks to cell phones and social media, the idea of true privacy is fleeting.

Coming off the holidays and as we prepare for spring and outdoor and family-related activities, we will be tempted to take pictures with our phones and post them near-instantly to social media. But then again, think about privacy, especially for our children. Social media giant Facebook has facial recognition functions that can identify people that are in the background on posts and not the primary subjects of pictures, so think about that with our children.

Facebook has restrictions on profile accounts to people under the age of thirteen, but if you or someone you know is constantly taking pictures of your child or includes your child in the background, they are being looked at by Facebook Artificial Intelligence. So, if pictures of your child’s dance class every Tuesday or baseball practice every Thursday end up revealing who your child is, along with their schedule and location...well you can see this challenge.

This is not easily solved beyond parents making sure that pictures that include children are managed and limited. Those that would prey on our children’s vulnerabilities are out there and we must protect our kids, even on social media, so think before you point, shoot and post next time and that will make for a safer and Better East Texas.

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