Family of motorcyclist killed Wednesday wants justice for beloved son and brother

Family of motorcyclist killed Wednesday wants justice for beloved son and brother

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The family of an East Texas marine, who was killed in a tragic motorcycle wreck this week is asking for justice.

The Gonzalez family lost a beloved family member Wednesday.

Michael Gonzalez was a 26-year-old Corporal Marine; friends describe him as a hardworking, loving, caring, one of a kind guy who put everyone before himself.

“He’d come home with two or three buckets of ice cream and Hershey’s chocolate sauce, and he would be like, alright guys, get out of bed, we’re getting lit of ice cream tonight,” Michaels best friend Andrew Banek says.

Michaels mother, Olga Gonzalez was terrified when Michael told her he wanted to join the military, but never could she have imagined losing her baby boy like this.

“It was really hard for me to be working sometimes and just have waves of grief, thinking, I just missed him so much, he was my baby, although he was a big baby, a big strong muscular baby, but he had a big heart, and it was even harder now, now that he is gone, the waves are, now that he is gone permanently,” Michaels mother, Olga Gonzalez says.

Michael Gonzalez was riding his motorcycle on South Broadway late Tuesday night, when a driver of a pickup truck crashed into the back of him, ejecting him yards away from his bike, killing him on site.

“I hope justice is served but I don’t wish this pain on anyone,” Michaels sister, Jackie Gonzalez says.

But Michaels family does not fixate on the bad but continue to remember all of the good Michael left behind.

“He lived his life and he really did what he wanted to do, and sometimes that was daring, but he was just a fearless, strong guy,” Michaels brother Joseph Gonzalez says.

Police took a blood sample of the driver of the truck; the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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