Tyler Police hold community meeting about recent auto burglaries

Tyler Police Hold Community Meeting About Recent Auto Burglaries

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Tyler Police Department held a crime watch meeting Thursday tonight to speak with the community about recent vehicle burglaries.

Police said over the last few months, auto burglaries have been reported and talked about on the Nextdoor app, a social network for neighborhoods. During the meeting, police spoke openly with attendees about preventative measures to take to keep themselves from being a victim of property theft, such as locking your car doors or not keeping any belongings inside of your vehicle.

“We have concerns just like everybody else does," attendee Lynne Bordeaux said. "In our case, it’s also the preventative measures, our neighborhood appears quiet, seems quiet, but we wanted to know what we can do to make sure that things stay safe there.”

Police said a large portion of vehicle burglaries take place simply because a person did not lock their car door.

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