Officials say motorists breaching flooded road barriers

Officials say motorists breaching flooded road barriers

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - High water continues to plague some East Texans who live along low-lying areas near the Sabine River.

Even though barricades are up, some people are taking unnecessary chances trying to cross high water.

From Big Sandy to White Oak, some “bottoms” area roads are flooded in several spots. Game wardens say they’ve had a problem with drivers blowing past barricades.

High water on low-lying roads near the Sabine has closed roadways to motorists.

“It’s a scary feeling I can tell you that. You see on the news all the time about people trying to go through, and they don’t make it, and they get washed off the road,” said River Road motorist Dustin Troy.

In spots like River Road, the fast-moving current makes it particularly dangerous.

“It just takes a little bit of water to move an object like an automobile,” said Todd Long, a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game warden.

At the the lowest lying section of River Road, the Sabine is running over it at 3 to 4 feet deep, and there are those who have already tried to get across it unsuccessfully.

Though barricades clearly mark high water danger, Long said that hasn’t stopped some from blowing through the roadblocks and attempting to drive through high water.

“Take heed to the barricades. They are there for a reason. Making sure people don’t drive on flooded areas like this,” Todd said.

Attempting to cross deep water puts more than just yourself at risk.

“It puts somebody else’s life in danger because they’re having to go help them because of their own stupidity,” Troy said.

Though the river is going down, there is more rain in the forecast.

Law enforcement says bypassing those “road closed” barricades is a misdemeanor, and can lead to jail time or a ticket.

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