Mahomes’ agent attends Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award ceremony

Steinberg on Mahomes

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Whitehouse native and Chiefs QB sensation Patrick Mahomes is a strong favorite to win the NFL’s MVP award.

A sizzling season he did not have a bad game, if you can believe that. 50 touchdowns and passing for over 5000 yards ranks him right there with Peyton Manning, as the only two to reach that milestone.

Leigh Steinberg, who inspired the movie Jerry McGuire, is Mahomes’ agent. Speaking highly of him at the Earl Cambpell Tyler Rose Awards banquet Wednesday night, Steinberg says Mahomes is very mature compared to his other high profile clients at that position. And goes on to explain an internal ability that sets his guy apart from the rest.

“And I would have to think it doesn’t just apply to his physical abilities but the mental aspect of how he’s grasped it so fast. He has what is called an identic memory which means a photographic memory he can remember, every play that he ever had and that’s a real aid to him," said Steinberg. "Then he has the background of having a father who pitched in the major leagues for almost 10 years a godfather who pitched for 20 years so he understood very early first of all the work it takes to behind the scenes to get yourelf ready. second of all the athletic temperament not to get too high or too low”

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