Westwood superintendent attributes recent school bus wreck to large, problematic pothole

Westwood Superintendent attributes recent school bus wreck to large problematic pothole

PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - A recent school bus wreck has driven some East Texas parents into a frenzy on social media.

“It was placed on Facebook and it had been talked about because people had driven through there, and I was like, ‘oh my goodness, this pothole is so big it almost looks like a sinkhole, like the beginning of a sinkhole,’” concerned citizen Kimberly Hutchinson says.

Those pictures were posted on Facebook immediately after a Westwood bus was caught in a ditch off Saltworks Road in Palestine.

Early Tuesday morning, the bus hit a large pothole, and nearly flipped onto its side.

The Westwood superintendent says the bus driver did all they could to avoid the pothole but because of the recent rain, the one lane traffic, and the sheer size of the pothole itself, it was completely unavoidable.

The potholes in Palestine have always been a hot button issue, locals say.

Crystal shares a front yard with a pothole and she believes someone is going to have to get very hurt for the city to finally pay attention.

“This has been weeks, almost a month, so to me, they should have gotten to it way faster and that accident could have probably been prevented,” Crystal says.

Kimberly Hutchison’s three grandchildren ride that same bus every morning, driving that same route, hitting bump after bump until they finally get to their schools’ campus.

“Redo those streets or make a more visible effort of correcting those streets so we can get those potholes resolved, not patched up,” Hutchinson says.

The City of Palestine says they have a half a million-dollar budget for road repairs, and 100,000 of those dollars go directly to maintenance.

But because of the recent rainfall, maintenance has been delayed.

The Palestine city manager says the pothole that caused the bus accident has been filled with asphalt.

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